Taekwon-Do ITF Patterns Manual by Grand Master Willem Jacob Bos IX

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The book, based on the 24 patterns (TUL) created by Gen. Choi Hong Hi, contains a huge amount of information in the 388 pages, accompanied by 2000 color photos, which make it the most complete and easy to use manual ever published.

The “Taekwon-Do ITF Pattern Manual”, written in English, Spanish and with Korean terminology, provides extremely accurate descriptions that cannot be found in any other book currently on the market.

Furthermore, each movement of the 24 ITF patterns is represented by several photos taken from different angles to make clear and simple the technique to be performed.

There is no intention in further interpretation but only of clarification and support to the work of instructors and practitioners, to standardise the execution of the techniques with a view to providing answers in case of doubts raised by questions while training.